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Nepal is a topographically and climatically diverse country with 10 highest peaks in the world harboring 35 forest types and 118 ecosystems representing 1% of global biodiversity. Within its diverse land surface area, 40.36% is forest and 4.38% is other wooded land generating wide range of resources for sustaining rural farming, livelihood and the natural balance. The natural beauty of the country attracts people all around the world. Among many, the Pokhara city, situated in the Gandaki Province of Nepal, is globally recognized as the tourist city. Additionally, Pokhara has expanded itself in education and heath sectors, especially with the establishment of well-known universities and campuses, hospitals and medical colleges as well as popular health cares. It has become a hub for education and medical care in Gandaki province, providing education through established educational institutions that provide opportunities for students from different parts of the country to gain better education. Scholars are working hard to expand knowledge and skills in various sectors such as Natural Sciences, Engineering, Forestry, Medical Science, Nursing, Agriculture and Animal Science. However, these institutions need collaborative effort to strength their research capability for effective teaching learning, and also share their experiences in common platform. Realizing this need, academic institutions in Pokhara have collaboratively initiated organizing an international conference to support research in science, technology and innovation. In 2024, The Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Campus, is set to host the conference on 22-23 February 2024.

The Conference is dedicated to 'Recent Trends in Science, Technology and Innovation (RTSTI)', including fundamental understanding and experimental realizations of functional architectures in nanostructures, biotechnology, information technology, natural resources management, human health care and more as mentioned in the eight thematic areas focused. This year's conference on Recent Trends in Science, Technology and Innovation, hosted by Institute of Forestry, Pokhara campus in Pokhara, seeks to unite academics, scientists, researchers, scholars, and students for the purpose of sharing research findings and experiences in various fields including Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics, Biological Sciences, Engineering, Health and Medical Sciences, Forestry, Biodiversity, Environment, Agriculture, and more, fostering interdisciplinary discussions. This conference will provide an outstanding interdisciplinary platform for researchers, research scholars, and educators to explore their findings and engage in discussions about the most recent innovations and trends in different thematic areas like: Agriculture, Animal, Fishery, and Food Sciences; Biological Sciences; Engineering; Forestry; Biodiversity; Environment and Climate Sciences; Health and Medical Sciences; Natural/Core Sciences; and Interdisciplinary Sciences. Moreover, it will provide unmatched advantages to students, academics, practitioners, and industry researchers. The conference will feature a substantial number of invited lectures by esteemed speakers, with a strong emphasis on the eight thematic areas. Its objectives encompass reviewing research in science, engineering, and technology, discerning and recognizing innovation across various science and technology sectors and envisioning the future role of science and engineering practice.

Objectives of the Conference

  • To provide an academic and industrial forum to present and discuss the latest breakthroughs.  
  • To facilitate interactions and collaborations between the leading experts and the next generation of scientists in science and technology.  
  • To feed into the innovation pipeline necessary for game-changing discoveries.

Expected Outcomes

  • Shared understanding and consensus for identifying and bridging knowledge gaps in technology and innovation in different sector for human welfare.
  • Identifying and bridging capacity of academic institutions for the production of competent human resources required in different sector.
  • Inform policy and decision makers on the current gaps and trends in technology and seek their commitment for resource allocation and action.
  • Encourage students and identifying best practices in research, fostering collaborations and showcasing technological solutions in future development.

Institute of Forestry Pokhara Campus (Organizer)

The Institute of Forestry, Pokhara Campus (IOF-PC), the first Quality Assurance Accreditation (QAA) certified forestry based academic institution of Nepal, was established in 1981. This is one of the Central Campus of IOF, one of the five technical institutes under Tribhuvan University. IOF-PC has been producing competitive forestry professionals for the last four decades. It has always endeavoured to be more adaptive and responsive to the ever-changing needs of the country to develop competent human resources. It has envisioned itself as a centre of excellence, premier national centre of forestry education capable of addressing national forestry issues related to natural resource management and sustainable development of the nation.

         In line with its dedication to excellence in teaching and learning, IOF-PC offers a four-year Bachelor of Science in Forestry program and four two-year Master of Science programs in a) Forestry, b) Natural Resource Management and Rural Development, c) Watershed Management and d) Community Forestry. IOF-PC has embraced available new technology to achieve excellence. Based on the academic performance, quality education, administrative operation and strength of physical infrastructure and human resources, the IOF-PC was recognized as QAA certified institution by the UGC, Nepal in 2022. With the accreditation of quality assurance, upgrading in performance and maintaining the quality assurance become prime objective of IOF-PC. Therefore, IOF-PC has its own strategic plan considering the principle of QAA in order to run IOF-PC as academically sound institution and grip the essence of QAA. The vision of the IOF-PC is to develop it as a “centre of academic excellence in forestry education” by assuring quality education and research activities at the highest international level.

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Gandaki Province Academy of Science & Technology (Co-Organizer)

Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology (GPAST) is an autonomous institution founded by the Gandaki Province Government under the “Gandaki Province Academy of Science and Technology Act 2076” in 2020. The head office is situated in Pokhara, Kaski, Nepal.The academy brings together multidisciplinary stakeholders for executing activities related to Science, Technology, and Innovations (STI)  to create a suitable atmosphere for research and innovations in Gandaki Province. Furthermore, the academy also promotes the skills and knowledge of youths, scientists, and technicians for preparing them to lead the STI sector in Gandaki Province, while contributing toward sustainable utilization of resources and holistic development of Gandaki Province through research and innovation in science and technology.

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